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What Is a Comprehensive Exam?

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❶We will resolve all sorts of problems. PhD programs specifically require students to take comprehensive exams.

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Have you completed your assignment? Scholarly discussions of exam questions with other students will give you the chance to practice articulating and defending your views with appropriate references to the literature and empirical facts. You have received a flash drive on which you must write your answers if you have opted to use word processing equipment for this examination. If not, your answers must be handwritten, each in a separate blue book, provided.

If needed, you may continue an answer in another blue book, identifying properly each question. Be sure they are identified clearly. Should you have any problems with your flash drive or any computer problems at any time during the examination, report to the Proctor immediately.

You have been provided with blue examination books. Use these to design and outline your answers. Do not use any other paper. Only identify bluebooks you actually use. When you have completed the examination make sure that every answer is identified with the number on the question sheet, both in word processing and in handwriting.

You have eight hours to answer two questions. At the end of the examination period, writing must cease. Printing via computer will be done by the proctor. Include any extra pages accidentally produced, noting this fact. Sign the envelope across the back flap after the exam has been printed. The Comprehensive Character of the PhD Examination It is important to note that the comprehensive PhD examination is not simply a test of your cumulative knowledge of seminar materials.

The Written Comprehensive Examination Process The written comprehensive exams are usually scheduled for a Friday and Monday the weekend before the start of the new semester. Failing the Written Comprehensive Exam Our goal and expectation is that every student will pass the comprehensive examination.

The Oral Comprehensive Examination process Doctoral candidates are expected to be able to communicate effectively and knowledgeably both in writing and orally. Passing the Oral Comprehensive Exam Passing the oral comprehensive exam is a matter of convincing the committee members that you have an appropriate mastery of the central material of the field and are prepared to go on to focused and independent work on a dissertation. Failing the Oral Comprehensive Exam Students who do not pass the oral exam will be asked to return in one month for a second oral exam.

Take appropriate classes In consultation with your adviser and other faculty, be sure to select a variety of classes that will give you the broad background you need for the comprehensive exam. Keep effective class notes and reading notes You should be thinking about preparation for the comprehensive exams from the beginning of your program. Work on exam preparation in groups Working with others can help you share the labor of summarizing and reviewing material.

Pay particular attention to the broad literature of international relations theory that will help you in answering a wide variety of questions Many of the questions across the different tracks will benefit from an effective understanding of the broad currents and debates of international relations theory.

Identify some historical periods and important episodes and issues around which you will develop a particular expertise Alas, no one can know everything about everything. Identify some important literature with which you will be particularly familiar You need to have a good feel for a very broad range of literature. Practice for the exam Using the material in this booklet, you should write some practice exams.

Tips for Writing an Effective Comprehensive Exam 1. Make sure you answer the questions explicitly and clearly. Make appropriate reference to the literature and relevant scholarly debates. Make appropriate use of theory and of empirical and historical knowledge. Write full answers that are structured with an introduction and conclusion.

Make an argument As a scholar prepared to embark on independent thesis work, it is important that you demonstrate an ability to effectively articulate your own views. Make choices You will notice that most of the questions are a lot bigger than can be fully answered in the two-hours you will have on average during the written exam. Tips for the Oral Examination 1. Attitude matters Attitude is important in the oral examination, just as it will be for the remainder of your career as a scholar.

Being nervous is inevitable It is likely that you will be nervous. Practice The best way to practice for the oral exam is to speak up and engage in discussion in your seminars, in research workshops, and at conferences. Work with other students Again, preparing for the comprehensive examinations with other students will help you both with the substance and with the process.

Technical instructions These are the instructions that come with the exam You have received a flash drive on which you must write your answers if you have opted to use word processing equipment for this examination. Make sure to save every page you type write. Make a backup copy for every typed answer. Sign the Honor Pledge. You may take a break at any time during the examination but do not leave the building.

Sign your name, date and time on every sheet. Hand the entire package to the Proctor in BAL or wherever designated. Guidelines to Answering Questions These are the instructions that come with the exam There will be five questions. You must answer two. The exam lasts a total of eight hours. Allocate your time accordingly and make sure that each question has a concluding section. Also make sure that you: The connections that leaders have formed before reaching high office are the intellectual capital they will consume" during their time in office.

Explain and discuss this assessment, which Kissinger made after he had served as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, with explicit references to two high level foreign policy practitioners during the two decades that followed the US intervention in World War II Identify TWO crises, events, or issues that best characterize the latter part of the Cold War and its immediate aftermath from January to January Do NOT describe any of these crises, events or issues at length but single out the features and patterns that best explain why these are so closely identified, in your judgment, with this initial post-Cold War period.

Describe and discuss the evolution of U. To introduce your answer, explain your choice of the period you wish to discuss. To conclude, explain the relevance of that region or country to current U. Whatever might be said about the events of September 11, and the wars that followed, their consequences have been epochal - meaning, system changing. After a quick review of these events, examine the conditions of what has been called a new "post-American world.

It moved within a very brief period from a position of isolation to one of global leadership, it has never been a mere nation among other nations.

Drawing on the central concepts and knowledge of the track, and on your broader study in the program, to what extent do you believe America is in decline? What factors could hasten or reverse this decline at the global level, insofar as you see it in play? To what extent, if any, is the world safer in the post-Cold War era? In what measure have transnational threats terrorism, migration, energy interdependence, etc replaced the threats inherent in the Cold War?

Drawing on your coursework in this program, and especially on your courses in this track, to what extent do you think that the effects of anarchy can be tempered or lessened in world politics? Realists tend to assume that world politics is cyclical; and that the basic elements of world politics do not change much over time such as power, balance of power politics, the centrality of states, and conflict.

To what extent do you agree with this key realist assumption? To what extent, if at all, does interdependence decrease inter-state conflict in world politics? A once-strong regime to manage trade has weakened since the s. Likewise, with the abandonment of dollar-gold convertibility in , a robust regime to manage monetary relations collapsed.

Conversely, states originally left finance unregulated but in created and progressively have strengthened rules to manage international banking. And in production, the proposed Multilateral Agreement on Investment collapsed in without ever securing necessary multilateral support. What explains these variations in institutions, both across issue areas and over the course of the last 65 years? The integration of gendered analyses of globalization has led to a substantive body of literature within the field of international studies.

Imagine that an international studies department hires you to design and teach a graduate seminar on gender and globalization. What theoretical and empirical movements within the field would your seminar emphasize?

How would you elucidate the central connections between gender and globalization? In your essay response, please explain how your choice of authors, themes and content provides an innovative approach to teaching graduate students about the complex interconnections between gender and global restructuring.

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dj premier resume Comprehensive Exam And Dissertation Services Review essays on to kill a mockingbird aaas dissertation shirt. Home > PhD/Doctorate > What Is a Comprehensive Exam? July 15, indicates that a student has finished the required coursework and is prepared to move into the dissertation phase of the degree. More formal oral exam. A critical review of your academic portfolio.