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The resolution team has never called me or emailed or even picked up the phone when I call. Zac To whom it may concern, I have been told by James Henderson that the refund process takes 35 days. Please look at the previous emails raising all my concerning and my issue with LawEssay. It is the worst that I ever dealt with. I would like an immediate reply regarding my refund.

Then, you will be informed that it is available for your review. Once you approve, simply accept the work and download it. At that point, your legal essay is yours to use as you wish. All you need to do is click on the link that takes you to our order page. Then, fill out just a bit of information, and tell us all about the work you need completed. In no time, you will be the proud owner of a professionally written essay that you can turn in with confidence.

Any problems or questions? Our customer service staff is always happy to help. We know how precious your time is and respect it. We are against plagiarism. First order from UKwritings. It is always tempting to begin writing now that you have read numerous articles and books and have appreciated the significance of the contentious legal issues in this area. However, this can be dangerous. With a simple but comprehensive plan which outlines your thoughts and the structure you wish to present your arguments, you may find that your essay lacks the impressive structure that is required of a high quality piece of work.

Also, without planning there is a danger of contradicting yourself. For example, it is to introduce your argument as leaning towards a particular direction, however, without a plan you may find that the resources and evidence you use in the body of the essay is contradictory to your initial argument but you make no mention of this as you had not planned to do so.

A coherent argument must begin with a plan! You should only begin drafting once the main part of your research and your plan has been completed. It is worth drafting the body of the essay before you begin to draft your introduction or conclusion.

The reason for this is that this allows you to ensure that your introduction is a true and accurate description of the arguments you have presented to the reader. If you happen to alter slightly then this can change the course of one of your arguments but if you have not made the same change in your introduction you will once again be in a position where you may contradict yourself. Once the main body has been drafted, you should review and amend this and leave writing the introduction and dissertation until the end.

Your main body should be separated into paragraphs with a different argument being given its own paragraph. Some commentators argue that it is best to ensure that you select your two strongest arguments and place one at the beginning of the main body and one at the end, doing this means the examiner will begin reading with a good impression of the writer and end with a good impression too. Weaker or less significant arguments should be placed in the middle of the main body.

When drafting your introduction and conclusion, ensure that you are topical. If you are going to discuss something which is very recent and has received a lot of media attention you should mention the attention this shows you can link law within the wider context. An example would be mentioning the impact of the economic recession when writing an essay on corporate governance or insolvency.

Be interesting as this helps your work stand out and puts the reader in a good frame of mind from an early point.

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